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Modular Wood House

Call for interest applications to participate in a system pilot to combat emissions from the built environment. Does your organization have solutions that can reduce emissions from buildings? Are you interested in showcasing your solutions in the US with other Swedish organizations, in collaboration with an American module factory, and an American city or equivalent? Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative (GTI) invites Swedish stakeholders to submit an expression of interest to participate in a system pilot project. The deadline for submission is Friday May 31th.

Apply to join here

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Emission Free Last Mile Delivery in San Jose

Join us in pioneering a greener future in San Jose! As part of our commitment to help San Jose achieve its ambitious goal of becoming a climate-neutral city by 2030, we are excited to announce a new system pilot focused on transforming last mile delivery. With transportation as the largest contributor to emissions in the city, we believe that innovative solutions in last mile delivery can make a significant impact. We invite companies operating in this sector to collaborate with us, explore cutting-edge technologies, and implement sustainable practices that will lead the way to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Together, let’s drive change and make San Jose a model for environmental responsibility.

Sustainable Construction of Charging Infrastructure

We are stepping forward with an exciting initiative to develop sustainable charging infrastructure, and we need your expertise! As we gear up to support the increasing demand for electric vehicles, our goal is to construct charging stations that are as sustainable as they are efficient. If your company specializes in sustainable construction, this is your call to action. Partner with us in this innovative pilot project to shape the future of eco-friendly transportation infrastructure. Together, we can build solutions that not only meet today’s needs but also pave the way for a greener tomorrow. Join us in this pivotal venture and help us drive sustainable development forward.