Accelerating Swedish-American collaborationin the transition towards a low-carbon economy

Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative

As ambitious infrastructure projects to support the green transition are being rolled out in several states in the U.S., there is a growing demand for innovative green energy solutions and partnerships. Against this backdrop, the Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC, Business Sweden, the Swedish Energy Agency and Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova launched the Green Transition Initiative to accelerate Swedish-American collaboration in the transition toward a low-carbon economy.

Join us in spearheading green transition across borders!

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Realizing the Green Potential

The U.S. has set ambitious national targets to contribute to reaching the global climate goals. Several states are taking the lead to transform sectors such as transportation, electricity generation and industry, which together stand for almost 80% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Considerable investments are being directed to these sectors and as other states follow suit, and the climate ambitions of the Biden administration ramp up, there is a growing demand for innovative green technology.

A large number of Swedish companies, both multinationals and new start-ups, are at the forefront of innovative green solutions, and world-leading within sectors such as electromobility, renewable energy, sustainable industry and green buildings. With the ambition to become the world’s first fossil-free welfare nation, Sweden is well-positioned to partner up with the U.S. in its green transition.

Sweden and the Green Transformation - Partnerships, Business and Innovation

The initiative aims to strengthen the bilateral partnership between Sweden and the United States in research and development (R&D), innovation, trade and investment by acting as a hub for Swedish and American companies, government agencies and partner organizations.

The objectives of the Green Transition Initiative is to support the green technology implementation in the United States in sectors such as transportation, energy, industry and sustainable buildings, and to establish Sweden as a key partner to the United States in its climate transition, as well as to create green jobs on both sides of the Atlantic.

Global cooperation will support Swedish and American efforts at home, and together the two countries can bring new solutions and technologies to the rest of the world, contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

Sweden is one of the most advanced and innovative countries within green energy, energy efficiency and fossil-free industry, building on a strong collaboration between the academia and the private and public sectors.

Sweden and the U.S. are already close partners in pursuing innovation and novel technology, with multiple collaborations taking place between academia and the industry and start-up ecosystems. The Green Transition Initiative will build on and further develop these partnerships.

By increasing access, improving visibility and promoting co-creation, the Green Transition Initiative will also support Swedish companies to grow their business and presence in the U.S. As Swedish and American companies increase collaboration to deliver sustainable change we will together pioneer the possible.