Digital Seminar - Sweden Innovation Days 2024

During Sweden Innovation Days, GTI, Viable Cities and Vinnova jointly shared insights on city transformation. This seminar was recorded during Bifrost in San Fransisco, covering insights from a mission-oriented approach for climate neutral cities.

You can find the recording of the event at the bottom of this page.

The event features Andreas Netz, who provides an overview of how Vinnova supports innovation and sustainable societies through testing many interventions. He explains why cities are essential - we live and spend time in them and because they represent a large portion of greenhouse gases. 

You'll also hear from Linda Andrén on 'A Good Life for All in Climate-Neutral Cities.' She explains how cities address sustainability transitions by focusing on affordable neighborhoods, energy communities and transportation reductions from cities around the globe. 

Jonas Birgersson, ViaEuropa, and the City of Lund also deliver an energizing keynote on the Abundance of Energy through Communities. Birgersson presents his plans for an energy community in Lund and how it can bring abundant energy to lower costs, create a better life for people, and make clean transportation possible with intelligent technology and models. 

Finally, the seminar includes an interview reflecting on scaling such niche developments to the new normal. Olle Dierks interviews Priscilla Negreiros, Lead for the Cities Climate Finance Alliance, who reflects on what is needed to scale transformative efforts through new finance mechanisms and policy changes.

Listen to a recording of the seminar here.



21 March


21 March