Green Transition Summit

A high-level conference hosted by the Green Transition Initiative, Embassy of Sweden and Atlantic Council, held at the House of Sweden.

The Green Transition Summit (GTS) was a high-level conference on innovation, business, the environment, and policies in a unique setting, covering green transition strategies for countries, tools and approaches for cities, and related policy frameworks to build resilient communities and ensure economic prosperity.

The Summit showcased the Green Transition Initiative's (GTI) ongoing work to establish system pilot projects to accelerate green transition and demonstrate existing solutions to accelerate green transition with significant environmental and societal benefits for American cities and organizations.

Finally, the Summit presented the Pioneer the Possible exhibition and provided networking and matchmaking opportunities to lay the groundwork for future partnerships and projects that extend beyond the event itself.

Green Transition Summit Agenda:

Welcoming remarks, Urban Ahlin, Ambassador of Sweden to the United States Key note, Ebba Busch, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden, Minister for Energy, Business and Industry Key note, Reed Blakemore, Director of Programs and Research at the Atlantic Council, Global Energy Center Strategies and Tools for the Green Transition

Roadmaps for fossil free competitiveness First Movers Coalition Climate Contract, Viable Cities, Lars Johansson, Change Management Specialist Greening the Construction Industry

Transforming cities by greening construction equipment Building “green with green” – constructing EV charging infrastructure with electrified equipment Resources for the Transition

Batteries and minerals needed for the green transition The Summit is co-hosted by Atlantic Council. In partnership with Volvo and Atlas Copco.


03 October



03 October