GTI Impact Workshop

Impact Workshop around Industrialized Construction (IC) and sustainable housing – how to lower emissions during construction and usage.

October 25th GTI hosted a digital impact workshop centered around Swedish strength areas within industrialized construction, wood construction and solutions to lower emissions from buildings during construction and usage.

In the workshop with 17 participants from Sweden and the U.S., solutions to lower emissions in the construction of buildings were brought forward. Swedish companies, products and experts have had a significant impact in accelerating the industrialization of construction in the US. In the workshop participants also shared solutions to improve indoor air quality, reduce energy consumption and increase the smartness of the house. Based on these insights on leading solutions, the workshop set out to capture areas of potential collaboration to accelerate the green transition through the construction of a wooden demo houses as a pilot to demonstrate solutions and drive dialogue around policy – including both buildings and transport.

Participants in the workshop represented a variety of expertise areas, from architecture, wood industry, building companies, energy management and green tech solution providers. he workshop was strengthened by great engagement from speakers and a shared interest to push industry boundaries.

Now we are looking forward to continuing developing a program to take the ideas further. If you find this area interesting, please do not hesitate to reach out to the GTI team.


25 October



25 October