GTI Roundtable

The Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative (GTI) steering group visited Washington DC. GTI gathered a small group of experts, from governments, cities and NGOs to discuss how together we can accelerate the green transition through collaboration.

The GTI Roundtable Around Collaboration for Green Transition focused on a variety of topics including reducing emissions and boosting Sweden-US climate coordination. GTI's mission is to facilitate bilateral collaboration between Sweden and USA to reduce Green House Gases. Our roundtable explored how to leverage legislation such as the IRA and CHIPS programs to accelerate international collaborations and project funding. The discussion also examine opportunities for collaboration within the four thematic areas: 1) electromobility, 2) renewable energy, 3) sustainable industry, and 4) smart and green buildings. The Roundtable cements GTI's ongoing aim to identify relevant players across each thematic area to advance the green transition in the United States and Sweden.


23 March


23 March