ESG Seminar

U.S.-Sweden Sustainability Roundtable: Emerging Digital Tools and Methods for Businesses to Ensure Accurate Sustainability Reporting.

Hosted by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Swedish Embassy to the United States, and the Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative, this event explored the topic of sustainability and business.

Increasingly, companies in a wide range of sectors are recognizing the business case in being known as front-runners in the global quest for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Participants explored questions such as: Where are the digital and analytical tools to help a business track, process and present its sustainability performance? What are the emerging trends and solutions in this space?

Sustainability reporting is a challenge for any business. To most, gathering data that can reflect the full supply chain is a daunting task, as is relating it to sustainability goals. And frankly, does more data equal better data?

In Sweden and the United States, new digital tools and technologies are emerging that are enabling businesses and public sector actors to collect, process, and showcase sustainability data in meaningful and empowering ways.


21 June



21 June