Climate Acceptance Research

Leading expert on carbon taxes, Professor Sverker Jagers discusses climate acceptance research at House of Sweden.

GTI hosted professor Sverker Jagers to discuss acceptance research and its important input for decision makers during a brown bag lunch lecture at House of Sweden.

Sverker C. Jagers is a professor in political sciences at Gothenburg University, director of the Centre for Collective Action Research, and the fifth Zennströmprofessor in climate change leadership at Uppsala University. During his lecture, Professor Jagers discussed the many factors which determine individual support for carbon tax policies. Perceptions of how fair these taxes are one of the most salient factors hindering or strengthening support.

Professor Jagers also introduced his paper, "Meta-analyses of fifteen determinants of public opinion about climate change taxes and laws," which surveyed over 89 datasets across 33 countries. By comparing different case studies, Professor Jagers emphasized why certain carbon taxes are embraced by the public and succeed in their long-term aims. He explained that the carbon tax in Canada garnered greater support than a similar tax in France precisely because Canadians were later compensated for their contribution, effectively recycling revenues. Presenting carbon taxes as steering policies, whereby they are linked to other policy mechanisms like a compensation scheme, effectively boosts public acceptance and, ultimately, reduces emissions.

Read more about Professor Jagers' research on public opinion and climate taxes here.


25 October



25 October