BIFROST 2024, Silicon Valley CA

Five days of activities in Silicon Valley – build strong networks, find new alliances, connect with key industry players, thought leaders and top policy makers, and give joining organizations the visibility they deserve.


This years Bifrost has come to an end. Bifrost's mission is to blend the Nordic+ region's technological and environmental strengths with California's entrepreneurial drive to ignite sustainable innovation. Acting on multiple fronts, it bridges startups, partners, researchers, and policymakers to foster international collaboration, promote Nordic+ business expansion in California, and champion sustainable solutions for pressing environmental challenges.


SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETIES As urban centers grow, we're determined to mold them into beacons of sustainability. Our goal: eco-friendly, low-carbon cities harmonizing with nature.

AI AS A KEY ENHANCER AI is today's reality. Woven into our sustainability pursuits, AI empowers smarter environmental predictions and optimized resource management.

DECARBONIZATION & ENERGY EVOLUTION Beyond just reducing carbon, we spotlight Power-to-X solutions, converting renewable energy into synthetic fuels. This theme explores bold approaches to both curtail and counteract carbon emissions.

Bifrost isn't just a summit; it's a movement. The team, at Bifrost 2024, pledge to be the torchbearers of sustainable innovation. They are creating a milieu where every conversation, every showcase, and every collaboration is a step toward the shared vision of a sustainable future.

This event is by invitation only, and we have limited spots available for participation. If you're interested in joining, kindly contact Marcus Rönngren Liu at


05 March


09 March